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FIFA 20 League Update, Pro Clubs Changes and More

With more and more news and rumours regarding FIFA 20 leaked, lots of information has become clear and the following FIFA 20 gameplay is more expectable to worldwide players. Ultimate Team gets constant attention throughout the season, while the update of Career mode and Pro Clubs is more urgent to FIFA fans. Here best fifa coins website brings you the latest FIFA 20 news and update covering the league, Pro Club changes, Career Mode features wishlist, new cards in FIFA 20, FIFA 20 Points sales issue, gameplay system, fixes announced and more.

1. FIFA 20 League Update - La Liga Renews with EA

There's been a statement that was released by the organization said that La Liga and EA SPORTS FIFA renews partnership agreement for the next five seasons, the partnership will continue across a number of joint activations in the football and gaming community for La Liga fans until the 2023/24 season. This means we're not going to lose the license for a couple of years now.

La Liga engages with millions of football fans around the world and this Agreement continues to connect the excitement and authenticity of football in the leading sports video game and reinforces the commitment to engage with La Liga fans all over the world by bringing the experience to life on the virtual pitch in FIFA. It also offers a number of integrations in the game including a full broadcast package and brings the authenticity of La Liga to life in stadiums, banners, players and more.

2. FIFA 20 Pro Clubs Leak

There is an email, which leaked by WorldofJcc's video, comes directly from EA and it says "We're also well aware of the passionate Pro Clubs community and their desire for improvements to the mode more generally, we continue to work with our development teams and are sure in the coming months you will feel satisfied as we move into the FIFA 20 season." It is a conversation between a high member of the pro clubs community and somebody at EA. Combine that with everything, battle passes look like are coming to pro clubs to monetize the game mode and move it forward, whether you think that's a good thing or not, it means the pro clubs finally gets attention.

3. FIFA 20 Points and FUT Packs

According to the BBC news on January 2019, the FIFA in-game currency was banned in Belgium because it breaching gambling laws and was defined as an "illegal game of chance", which stop FIFA players in the country from buying the in-game currency FIFA Points. This means EA will not offering FIFA 20 Ultimate Team Points for sale in Belgium and the Belgium FIFA gamers can only earn FIFA 20 Points through completing the game objectives, meanwhile the FUT packs are described as "loot box", as after buying and opening FIFA packs from the FUT store, what you can get from it is completely determined by your luck, even if you cost a large amount of FIFA coins, there are no guarantees you would receive some great items.

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